Transparency and Accountability

Ash-Sham CARE is guided by the principles of human dignity, equality and equity, including optimal use of accounting instruments to create incentives to reach an optimal and sustainable utilization of resources with the collection of funds.

Ash-Sham CARE's handling shall be based on principles of efficiency, transparency and accountability, and follows the traceability procedures to all resource allocations. The annual financial statement consists of balance sheet, operating statement, cash flow statement, statement of change for capital, appendix for the purpose of improving transparency according to the recommendations of the Swiss GAAP FER 21 professional recommendations for charitable, social non-profit organizations.

Ash-Sham CARE uses a reliable IT accounting system (System Amanda with the label "Swiss made software"), which enables the correct and timely recording of all activities. All data is transmitted on secure (SSL) lines. We backup all our data in a secure location in Switzerland. The Swisscom data centers are ISO 27001, 20000 and 14001 certified.

Quality and Performance Management

The strategic policy and management structure is strictly based on criteria of independence and transparency, highlighting best practices. To improve the working of its systems Ash-Sham CARE applies the Project Cycle Management (PCM) according to international standards. We respect the results of good and correct practices as widely as possible.

Ash-Sham CARE also uses the opportunity in learning from experience, in order to draw lessons, establish good practices and reflect on good strategies and, in particular, their consistency with other humanitarian policies. Ash-Sham CARE will pass on the knowledge and benefits that has been acquired to the resulting from the cooperation to local Partners.

The Swiss share in the Ash-Sham CARE program planning value is at least 60 percent. The key planning process takes place in Switzerland.

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