Capacity & institution building for young Syrian professionals - Internships

Since two years, Ash-Sham CARE has been working on a number of small projects in Syria. In the meantime, we were exploring opportunities for larger scale projects. In the last months, while communicating with Syrian counterparts whether from local councils, local NGOs, Syrian interim government (SIG) and international organizations, Ash-Sham CARE could identify a number of projects inside Syria and few in Gaziantep for Syrian communities.

In Gaziantep, Turkey, there are more than 300'000 Syrian refugees, most of them are young people, seeking education and professional opportunities and eager to invest their time for Syria and to make Syrians lives any better. However, these young people qualifications still far from reaching the international job market requirements. Ash-Sham CARE; made an assessment of the gaps of Syrian young professionals and design a training program for 20 interns in Ash-Sham CARE in order to provide them with soft skills such as; English language, Microsoft office, time management, organizational development, project management, proposal writing.

Ash-Sham CARE wants to give a flexible and innovative approach, bringing together expertise and practical experience including in networking, coordination and know how transfer. We give possibilities on capacity & institution building and on cross-border cooperation, regional development; and expertise in different but inter related areas, at institutional, thematic and methodological level. We train young professionals in communications skills and intercultural competence and Team play.

On the other hand, those 20 young professional will learn in an active projects in which Ash-Sham CARE is involved. ASC has selected 20 highly motivated young professionals and employed them in its projects under training ship program.

INTERESTED IN AN INTERNSHIP? Interested in joining us? If so, we look forward to receiving your full application via E-Mail. Please send your updated Word Doc Resume in English to info(an)

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