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Ash-Sham CARE Promotion of Independent & Free Media

Giving voice to people at Syria's frontlines, crisis and change. Journalism in areas of crisis and violence is itself invariably in crisis, suffering repression, lack of financing and independence, and an absence of professional skills and ethics. Ash-Sham CARE doesn't want to reinvent the wheel, but lay a basis for International Institutions and NGO's in establishing independent Media centers in Syria. First by the Project of a Central Meeting Point and Host for International Journalists in Aleppo: "The Syria Foreign Press Association" which is founded in July 2013 and based in the near Turkish City of Gaziantep with - for the moment - changing locations inside Syria.



Second we would like to reward NGO's and local Journalists for their efforts. We would like to finance forges the skills and capacity of local journalism, strengthens local media institutions and engages with civil society and governments to ensure that information achieves impact. From the Balkans to Iraq & Afghanistan and beyond, Ash-Sham CARE Media Specialists met NGO's who are quite well capable in taking over this job. We support the Capacity-building initiatives of other NGO's and Well-known Broadcasting companies who guarantee free media and strengthen media institutionally, from management training to establishing local radios and news agencies as long as its focus is on the standards of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ).

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