Medical Assistance

Medical Aid for Hospitals in Syria

Ash-Sham CARE visited several Hospitals; some improvised, based on private initiative, others the official former national Hospitals. There are great medical needs which cannot be covered. Even simple surgeries or harmless treatments cannot be done. There are also countless numbers of people affected by common health problems, pathologies that would be entirely manageable in normal settings but can quickly become deadly in the midst of a war, when the usual health care options are suddenly no longer available. Diabetes, hypertension, asthma, and maternal health complications are all taking their toll. What is the use of existing radiography equipment when there are no films for X-ray images?

As the number of people in need of urgent medical care in Syria continues to rise, several Organizations are running hospitals, health centers, and mobile clinic programs inside the country. While these medical programs are undoubtedly saving dozens of lives every day, the extremely high levels of insecurity mean that al lot of Medical personnel reaches its limited. Throughout most of the country, there are places where medical services are either limited or totally absent. Ash-Sham CARE asks for Donations to buy the medication needed. Ash-Sham CARE takes over the distribution.

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