Food & Health Support

Ash-Sham CARE uses regional Markets

Innocent Syrian families need your help. Fleeing for their lives, thousands left their homes with nothing but the clothes on their back. Children and women are those who suffer most in the Syrian conflict. After two years of conflict, the situation in Syria remains dire. Families have been torn apart, communities ruined and schools and hospitals destroyed. The crisis has driven over 9 million Syrian refugees out of their houses to other places in Syria or into neighboring countries with thousands more pouring across Syrian borders every single day. Around 50 per cent of these refugees are children. When Syrian children and families finally arrive at a safe place, they are traumatized, scared and vulnerable. Securing the livelihoods and safety of refugees from Syria by non-military support. This includes practical and financial assistance as well as medical support and consulting. Ash-Sham CARE promotes measures according to international standards of Emergency Food Security and Livelihood (EFSL).

Independent of all political considerations

The main target group are refugees from Syria and Refugees who had a refugee status at the moment of the outbreak of violence 2011 in Syria - independently of their gender, age, race or ethnic origin, religion or national background; Geographical target area is Syria and the neighbor countries like Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. Activities can be extended to other regions or countries. Effective humanitarian action, including emergency food aid, should be situation- and needs-based, result-oriented and driven by the principle that saving livelihoods saves lives; stresses further that humanitarian aid is not a crisis management tool and should be allocated in transparent fashion solely on the basis of real needs and independently of all political considerations; stresses in particular that delivery of food aid must try by all means to avoid any harmful effect on local markets or future dependence. For that reason Ash-Sham CARE stopped collecting goods of daily use or asking for medical donations in Europe.

We are not in the in the eighties and nineties

We are not in the in the eighties and nineties where aid supplies transports were easily moved to Eastern Europe. Ash-Sham CARE uses regional Markets for purchases. This makes good sense, both economically and environmentally. Our main focus is providing food, medicaments and other medical support to the victims of violence along the frontlines inside Syria but also on places where others cannot go. 

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