Partnerships with Ash-Sham CARE

The term "CARE" of Ash-Sham CARE refers to the English verb "CARE", also as the noun "CARE" and the and the initial letters of the four sentences, that represent the purposes of the Association:

  • Coordination and Organization of Emergency Food Security & Livelihood;
  • Action for Development, Health & Education;
  • Reconstruction of Infrastructure & Return and Assistance for Refugees;
  • Economic, Political and Social Development

Cooperation and dialogue involving private organizations, public institutions and national and foreign authorities is very important for Ash-Sham CARE. Ash-Sham CARE is willing to collaborate in a consortium to cooperate with other Organizations or Associations which pursue the same or similar objectives. Ash-Sham CARE attaches great importance to the equality of payment for men and women. For services of Ash-Sham CARE in Switzerland and abroad and/or in cooperation or partnerships with other Organizations all core conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO) have to be followed.

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